Innovation for everyday beauty

The EKO Mission

Since 1997, our mission has been to discover the beauty in everyday life. EKO was founded to create a trash can with the same passion for design and style as a beautifully designed home. We believe that an artfully chosen home aesthetic can be made complete with small touches such as a sleek trash can. EKO’s product line has since grown beyond the trash can but maintained the same dedication to bettering your environment, keeping your space clean and improving the quality and beauty of your home.

Our Values

The Everyday Can Be Beautiful

Beautiful products with décor enhancing aesthetics that make your busy life easier. EKO products are made with your modern home in mind.

Innovation is Everything

Creating new and exciting products with the smartest technology is what we do best. EKO constantly sees the potential of reinventing and reimagining home items to improve the user experience.

Inspiring Better Behaviors

We aim to inspire love for the environment through eco-friendly products that are easy to use. EKO helps build an eco-efficient world with sustainable practices.

Attention to Every Detail

EKO’s meticulous craftsmanship and tireless dedication to the quality of our products improves the user experience. Our continued quest for perfection results in paying attention to every detail.

Consumer Focused Design

EKO products are designed with the consumer’s end use in mind. We tirelessly research every detail — what is the optimal sensor range for our sensor cans? Which pedal curvature maximizes practicality and style? There is no detail too small when improving the user’s product experience.

Pride and Craftsmanship

All products go through a rigorous process of research, development, manufacturing and inspection. We apply continuous innovation to redefine waste bins and other household objects as functional and decor enhancing products. EKO prides itself on consistently bringing high-quality, solution driven products to all categories it participates in. 

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“Beauty is found everywhere. Our eyes do not show a lack of sense of beauty, but a lack of observation.”

— Auguste Rodin